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It is important to have adequate knowledge of various ICT issues. Unfortunately, many players in practice seem to know a little about many things and a lot about a few. HTC-ICT stands out through the years of practical experience it has gained. We are regularly involved in projects that threaten to go wrong because the technologies used do not work together properly, with the consequence for example that wireless connections are broken or VoIP telephony does not work as it should.
In cases of this kind the supplier and operator of the fixed network point tend to blame each other. This often happens because there was insufficient matching of the technologies to the customer’s requirements and/or wishes. Add VoIP problems into the mix and where the problem lies soon becomes unclear.

HTC-ICT specialisms

As a result of our focus on a number of important network-related specialisms over the 15 years of our existence, we can act as an independent mouthpiece and examine the different components in the fixed and wired network. The outcome of this investigation is a report with recommendations that the existing parties can use to get down to work. This approach has proven itself on a regular basis and results in a relatively fast solution to the problem.

We have a strong problem-solving record, but to our mind prevention is better than cure. Where HTC-ICT is involved in designing the solution at an early stage, we can ensure that you receive professional and independent advice. If you have any questions about the above specialist themes, please feel free to approach us for support by telephone or by email. The broad experience of our specialists means that they can provide you with good, professional advice on your problem in nearly every case.

HTC-ICT specialises in the following solutions:

  • Wifi
  • VMware
  • Cloud
  • Online Backup
  • Network
  • ICT Services
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