Virtualisation solutions

Virtualisation of your infrastructure with VMware

Virtualisation allows a number of operating systems and applications to run on present-day servers, making your infrastructure simpler and more efficient at lower cost. Applications are implemented faster, performance and availability are improved and tasks are automated to achieve efficiency. With virtualisation the implementation of IT is easier and cheaper. Server consolidation is the main characteristic of virtualising your infrastructure. On average just 2% of capacity is used with traditional servers, while up to 80% of the hardware capacity can be used with server virtualisation. With VMware-based server virtualisation you therefore utilise the capacity of your system significantly better.

What is VMware-based server virtualisation?

Server virtualisation is the amalgamation of a number of different servers, often (but not exclusively) Microsoft Windows-based. Amalgamating these servers on a single physical platform produces a concentrated environment that offers many benefits.
An intermediate layer is needed between the hardware and the operating system to amalgamate these servers. A major and significant player in this area, which acts as an intermediate layer, is VMware.

Why virtualise with VMware?

More and more companies need availability. Virtualisation gives you the opportunity to increase availability and spread the load. This is because the services are no longer physically running on a single server. With virtualisation there is the possibility of moving a service to a different hardware platform without the server going down. This can be done manually, but also if problems occur with one or more physical components. At VMware this is called V-motion.

Benefits of using VMware for virtualisation:

  1. User load balancing
  2. Simplification of management
  3. Higher availability
  4. Dynamic expansion
  5. Space saving
  6. Power saving
  7. Cost saving
  8. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure options, also known as VDI.

What can HTC-ICT do for you with VMware in resolving your need for virtualisation?

HTC-ICT can support you step-by-step in the solution process and work with you to arrive at the best solution. We make everything easy for you during this process and remain closely involved during implementation. Curious about what we can do for you? Then contact us right away.