Passive network

We work closely together with our sister organization HTC International so we can offer you a complete and professional solution for your entire network environment. Therefore we are also able to support you in the instalment and design of the passive part of the network. HTC-ICT can provide a complete installation of both the active and the passive part of your network, you have one solid and reliable point of contact for all your telematics and ICT issues.

HTC International

HTC International is an all-round supplier of business communication systems and telematics solutions. HTC International specialises in the total package of telematics, networking, telecom and various special video and data applications. The goal of HTC International is to meet all of your business communication needs with a wide product and service package. With HTC International you can be assured that we take all of the required activities and associated responsibilities out of your hands so that your organisation is relieved of its communication burdens.

HTC International is pre-eminently a service provision business that likes to work together with customers to come up with various telematics solutions. HTC International assist her customers in designing, taking on and implementing simple to complex projects for which we can offer 24/7 support. With HTC International you know for sure that you are working together with a professional, specialised partner who is able to offer problem resolution in all situations.

Passive network I HTC-ICT & HTC International

  • Network cabling
  • Telephony
  • Server rooms
  • Security
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