Online Backup solutions

Secure online data storage

Have you ever found that while your backup regularly runs properly, during the restore from the backup data restoration fails to work? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think, with all the inevitable, annoying consequences. To prevent this issue once and for all HTC-ICT can offer you an online backup solution to ensure your data is always held securely. Did you know that restoring a backup once a month is customary for testing purposes?

Online Backups by HTC-ICT

There will be software running on your server(s) and/or workstation(s) that securely transfers your data to our data centre over the internet. In this way the data is securely off-site and you can rely on a backup whenever you need it.
You can for example easily use our Online Backup to make daily backups automatically over the internet. These backups are protected with your own key, so you can be sure that you are the only one to have access to the data. Remote backups are particularly recommended because your critical data is stored away from your office, minimising the chance of data loss.
HTC-ICT can offer you a secure solution for making backups. It is a full backup solution and you can include your SQL, MySQL and Exchange database in this backup without difficulty.

Replace your expensive backup solution with an Online Backup solution

You have your backups available to you instantly at any time. We can also deliver the backup on disk within 24 hours. Your backups are stored securely and are duplicated across various systems, so several backups are stored in different places to ensure that data loss cannot happen.

Exchange Backup

Our Backup Software also offers the option of making an Exchange Brick Level Backup. This means that you can select mailboxes, folders, calendars or emails to make backups of them or to restore backups. You do not therefore have to restore an entire mailbox. All versions of MS Exchange Server from 2000 are supported.

Restoring backups

Restoring your backups takes place online through our Backup software or through our help desk. If large quantities of data have been lost or speed is of the essence in restoring data, we can also supply the backup on disk.

Disaster Recovery

You have probably experienced the situation where one of the most important servers fails to start following an update or fails to restart because of a technical problem. In both cases scenarios that have a major impact on your business operations. Unfortunately, simply restoring files or emails does not resolve the problem. You need a backup of the entire server at such a level that it can be back in action in no time at all if disaster strikes. We can take care of this for you in its entirety using Online Backup, in conjunction with the Disaster Recovery module, so you can always be sure that you can complete your recovery in the shortest possible time.

What can HTC-ICT do for you in resolving your backup requirement?

HTC-ICT can support you step-by-step in the solution process and work with you to arrive at the best solution for your backup. We make everything easy for you during this process and remain closely involved during implementation. Curious about what we can do for you? Then contact us right away.