Network setup

The network is the beating heart of your organisation. If your network is not working properly, you simply cannot put your systems to optimum use. Precisely because of the growth in data flows, the advance of VoIP and the Cloud, your network is more important than ever.

Best network solution

We make regular assessments of our suppliers and their products and select those we feel make the best product combination for our customers. Among other things a good network means good quality components. The composition of the network is the result of selecting the best products for the solution. This is why we do not just supply one supplier’s products! The right combination of products and services ensures the best problem solution and price/quality ratio. Working in this way we choose the most suitable and sustainable solution, allowing you to focus on your core business without having to worry about the availability of your network.

Network tuning

Configuring the network is very precise work. If it is not done properly, you can experience all sorts of problems, such as calls not working properly, loss of the connection to your servers or Cloud service, slow connections or a combination of the above. All in all annoying and undesirable phenomena that can be prevented.

How do we solve network problems?

HTC-ICT uses the following step-by-step approach to solving network problems:
  1. Analysing the problem on-site
  2. Determining the problem using measurement, analysis or reproduction
  3. Drawing up an initial design/improvement plan
  4. Analysing additional customer requirements and wishes
  5. Combining the initial design with the customer’s wishes and requirements
  6. Proceeding to project implementation if agreed
  7. Delivering the network and complying with agreed parameters.

What can HTC-ICT do for you in resolving problems in your network?

HTC-ICT can support you step-by-step through solution processes and work with you to arrive at the best solution. We make everything easy for you during this process and remain closely involved during implementation. Curious about what we can do for you? Then contact us right away.