Cloud solutions

The new way of working in the Cloud

The new way of working, access to your business data anywhere and at any time, wherever you happen to be. Do you need access to your business data anywhere in the world and at any time? Working in the Cloud can make this possible for your organisation too.

What does working in the Cloud mean for you?

In an emergency you can resume your activities immediately from home or some other location. You can be sure that your business processes will always keep running and therefore you will no longer be location-bound. Nowadays fast switching and having immediate access to the required business data is a must. By working in the Cloud it is there for you instantly. All you need is an internet connection and a device on which to work (tablet, telephone, laptop, etc).

Benefits of working in the Cloud?

  1. Working in the Cloud means access to your business data anywhere in the world
  2. You have your data available at any time of the day
  3. No more investing in ICT infrastructure, thanks to IaaS
  4. No more investing in Microsoft licences, thanks to SaaS
  5. No more investing in wireless, thanks to WaaS
  6. Always the latest software versions
  7. Drastic reduction in ICT investment costs and control of the costs
  8. Management is provided for you
  9. Your data is off-site and therefore automatically secure in an emergency (such as a fire).

Already working in the Cloud?

Working remotely may already be possible for you and your employees. Yet it may be of interest to join us in considering what working in the Cloud can mean for you in order to exploit the possibilities of the Cloud to the full.
HTC-ICT can advise and support with both new Cloud solutions and existing Cloud processes and make it easy for you to ensure you are entirely relieved of the burden of making the transition to working in the Cloud. In this way you will enjoy all the benefits of working in the Cloud. We will make it easy for you throughout this process and remain closely involved during implementation. Curious about what we can do for you? Then contact us right away.