About us

Who are HTC-ICT?

HTC-ICT is a member of the HTC Group and specialises in setting up and managing corporate networks. We can supply the products needed for this, such as active components, servers, routers, switches, etc. We can work with you to set up the most efficient network possible, focusing on your specific needs.


We are a dynamic company. Our team consists only of experienced (senior) specialists in the field of (wireless) networks, server virtualisation, VoIP telephony and ICT in general. HTC-ICT delivers high quality efficiently. With our specialist knowledge and experience we show time and again that good quality and speed can go together. Choosing HTC-ICT means choosing quality, reliability and efficiency. With independent advice we ensure that we can offer you the best solution for your IT problem within the available budget.

HTC Group

Because of its broad experience and association with the HTC Group, HTC-ICT is able to serve not only small organisations, but also SMEs and large multinationals. Our focus is to use our wide range of products and services to meet all your business ICT needs. With HTC-ICT you can be sure that all the effort and the associated responsibilities will be taken off your hands, taking the strain off your organisation without a hitch.


HTC-ICT is pre-eminently a service provider that delights in sharing the customer’s thinking about various ICT issues. We support our customers in designing, accepting and executing simple or complex projects in which we can provide round-the-clock support. With HTC-ICT you have the confidence that you are working with a professional, specialist partner capable of taking a problem-solving approach in all situations. HTC-ICT: a single point of contact and a single supplier for all your ICT activities and ICT issues.